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                                            1. 深圳市陸基建材技術有限公司
                                              Shenzhen Rock Building Materials Technology Co.,Ltd.

                                                 ROCK Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd.on the basis of China Building Materials Academy knowledge transference, is an integrative enterprise focuses on research, production and trade for waterproof materials such as concrete expansion agent, high strength and crack resistant pre-mortar, fast leak stop agent and special building materials such as silent cracking agent, grout and so on.

                                              資質榮譽 企業文化 組織結構 員工園地


                                                  深圳灣體育中心     深圳華潤中心(萬象城)     廈門馬銮海堤開口工程     深圳灣大橋     港珠澳大橋
                                              行業新聞 / Industry News
                                              Shenzhen awarded national engineering construction standard comprehensive implementation of the pilot cities New light green building demonstration area construction In 2011 China's concrete admixture development trend seminar held in Beijing
                                              公司動態 / Company News
                                              Shenzhen three phase track start in September

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